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Annual Canyon de Chelly Trip: Fall Break

CMU-EWB dedicates Fall break each year to visiting our Diné friends in Tsaile, Arizona (near Canyon de Chelly) to help them prepare for winter (the Diné are commonly referred to as the Navajo, but Diné is what they call themselves). This outing involves camping, cutting lots of fire wood, repairing fences, buildings, etc., listening to our friend Lupita's AMAZING stories, visiting places that VERY few outsiders every get to enjoy, giving/receiving lots of good juju, and just generally enjoying delightful shenanigans in our strange and beautiful world with incredible people and an incredible culture. Space is limited, but all kind-hearted people are welcome. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to

Friends of Mustangs Partnership

CMU-EWB works with local non-profit Friends of Mustangs to support wild horses in the Bookcliffs east of Grand Junction, CO. We have built two new functioning water tanks due to the one before not working well.

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