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Runashitu Water Project


The International Community Program (ICP) collaborates on more than 370 projects in 40 countries. These projects are driven by 233 chapters across the United States partnering directly with communities to meet their self-identified needs.

EWB-CMU is partnered with Hombro a Hombro (HH). This non-governmental organization has been working with rural communities since 2009, focusing on improving the health and well-being of communities through health brigades. Runashitu is a small, indigenous village in the Napo province within the Amazonia region of Ecuador. It is home to 46 families totaling about 240 people.


Assessment Trip​

In January 2023, we traveled to Runashitu for the engineering assessment trip. We confirmed that the water system in Runashitu is insufficient to satisfy the needs of the community. The current system requires excessive daily maintenance and only services 1/3 of households. Water quality tests have confirmed contaminants that cause stomach illness as reported by the community. Community meetings and door-to-door interviews show that the priorities for the community members are to increase water quality, quantity, and expand the service to all members.

Implementation 1

In January 2024, our team traveled to Runashitu for our first implementation. The trip was successful as we added a filtration device at the water source to filter out debris, increased water storage, and installed home taps for houses near the town center. This led to reduced maintenance, improved water quality and pressure, and easier access to water for residents.

Moving Forward

As we move forward with our progress in Runashitu, we plan on expanding water access to the majority of homes in the community and fully treating the water. This is no easy task and requires significant resources. Every donation helps us get closer to our goal of providing clean, accessible water to all residents. Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality.

Interested in learning more about the Runashitu project or how you can get involved with our chapter? Contact us at

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